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November 6, 2018 Ballot

Important Dates for Nov. 2017 Ballot

Oct. 9

Oct. 22

Oct. 26

Nov. 2

Nov. 6

Last day to register

First day of early voting

Last day to apply for ballot by mail

Last day to early vote

Election Day

Here is the link to a useful voter's guide for Fort Bend.


2018 November Candidates (Fort Bend County)

D= Democrat, R= Republican, I=Independent, i=incumbent


US Representative, District 9

Al Green(i) – D    

Phil Kurtz-  L 

Benjamin Hernandez- I

Kesha Rogers - I


US Representative, District 22

Pete Olson(i) - R

Sri Preston Kulkarni- D
John B McElligott- L
Kellen Sweny– I


State Senator, District 17

Joan Huffman(i) - R
Lauren LaCount- L
Rita Lucido- D


State Representative, District 26

DF "Rick" Miller(i) - R

L Sarah DeMerchant- D


State Representative, District 28

John Zerwas(i) - R

Meghan Scoggins- D


State Representative, District 85

Phil Stephenson(i) - R

Jennifer Cantu- D


District Judge, 240th Judicial District

Chad Bridges(i) - R
Frank J Fraley- D


District Judge, 268th Judicial District

John "Hawk" Hawkins- R
R O'Neil Williams- D


District Judge, 458th Judicial District

Ken Cannata(i) - R
Robert L Rolnick- D


District Attorney

Cliff Vacek- R

Brian M Middleton- D


County Judge

Robert E "Bob" Hebert(i) - R

KP George- D


Judge, County Court-at-Law No 3

Tricia Krenek- R
Juli Mathew- D


Judge, County Court-at-Law No 4

Amy Mitchell- R
Toni Wallace- D


Judge, County Court-at-Law No 5 (Unexpired Term)

Harold Kennedy- R
Teana Watson- D


Judge, County Court-at-Law No 6

Dean Hrbacek- R

Sherman Hatton Jr- D


District Clerk

Annie Rebecca Elliott(i) - R
Beverley McGrew Walker- D

County Commissioner, Precinct 4

James Patterson(i) - R

Ken R DeMerchant- D

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3

Kelly Nicole Crow– R

Michael Antalan- D

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