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march 3rd party primaries Ballot

Important Dates for March Primary  Ballot

Feb 1st

Feb 17

Feb 17

Feb 28

Mar 3

Last day to register

First day of early voting

Last day to apply for ballot by mail

Last day to early vote

Election Day


2020 MARCH PRIMARY Candidates (Fort Bend County)

D= Democrat, R= Republican, I=Independent, i=incumbent


US Representative, District 9

Al Green(i) – D    


US Representative, District 22

Pete Olson(i) - R

Sri Preston Kulkarni- D


State Senator, District 17

Joan Huffman(i) - R


State Representative, District 26

DF "Rick" Miller(i) - R

L Sarah DeMerchant- D


State Representative, District 28

John Zerwas(i) - R

Eliz Markowtiz- D

State Representative, District 85

Phil Stephenson(i) - R


District Judge, 400th Judicial District

Maggie Jaramillo(i)- R


District Judge, 387th Judicial District

Brenda Mullinix(i)- R

District Judge, 

David Perwin (i) - R


Judge, County Court at Law No. 
Teana Watson(i)- D

County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Vincent Morales(i) - R

County Commissioner, Precinct 1

Andy Meyers(i) - R


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